Draw a line, dodge the walls

Dodgy Liner

Try avoiding the walls as long as possible and beat all your friends in this simple yet fun game! Easy controls, easy to play, easy to enjoy. Unlock diamonds by playing the game and reaching new scores, you can spend your diamonds on new pencils, markers and emojis. Try collecting all 60 of them!


While dodging the walls there is a chance you will come across a power-up. You can pick these up by moving over it. You can come across these three different power-ups:
- Wallhack: for a small amount of time you are able to move through walls.
- Slowdown: picking this up will slow down the speed in which the walls are moving.
- +10 Diamonds: well... this grants you 10 extra diamonds.

Pencils, markers and emojis

You can collect diamonds by playing the game. You can spend these diamonds on new pencils, markers and even emojis! Pencils and markers leave a colored trail behind them, this can be a single plain color, multiple colors or even a flag pattern. Emojis will leave a path of emojis behind them. There are currently 60 pencils, markers and emojis to unlock. Can you collect all of them?


While playing the game your highscore is automatically submitted to the global leaderbords. You can also see the highscores of your friends and anyone else in the world who has played the game. Start drawing some lines, dodging some walls and beating some friends!