Temper your gold rush with Gold Crush

Gold Crush

Crush the rocks, collect gold and temper your gold rush with Gold Crush!

Complete all 75 levels

Gold Crush features 75 levels of excitement and joy. Each level has a target amount of gold you have to collect. Once you reach that amount you have finished the level and you can move on to the next one. As you progress through the levels they will get more difficult. Crush your way through all the levels and collect as much gold as possible. Can you complete all 75 levels?


In this infinite gamemode your goal is to collect as much gold as possible. This is a great way to collect gold or to practice your skills. Quickplay also has a global leaderbord on which your score is automatically placed.


You control the crushers simply by tapping or pressing the screen. You can crush the rocks by closing the crushers when the rocks are between the crushers. But be carefull because they will crush everything in their path. Collecting rocks will decrease your lifes, the bigger the rock you collected, the more life it costs. Occasionally bombs can spawn, collecting these will blow up all your lifes and means game over for you. Lifes can also spawn, collecting these will increase your current lifes by one.

Crushers and bags

Collect as much gold as possible. You can spend your gold on fancy new crushers and bags.

- Wooden crusher
- Spiked wooden crusher
- hydraulic press
- High five
- Boxing gloves
- Broken heart
- Mjölnirs

- Crate
- Coin bag
- Duffel bag
- Suitcase
- Treasure chest
- Vault
- Piggy bank


Put your Quickplay score on the leaderbord and beat your friends in this simple and fun game. You can also see the highscores of other people who have played the game. Crush your friends and climb to the top of the leaderbords. Try it out now!