Harder than Flappy Bird?

Skippy Toad

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Who knew it was this hard for toads to jump through hoops. Skippy Toad is easy and simple to play but not many people can master the skill of the skipping toad. Try it out now to see if you can make it passed the first hoop! Jump through the hoops and try to reach as far as you can.

You can control your toad by simply tapping the screen. When you tap the screen your toad jumps. You can charge your jump by holding the screen, this way your toad will jump higher. You will have to find the perfect amount of power to put into a jump to jump precisely through a hoop. It's not as easy as it looks.


Every hoop has a chance of containing a fly. You can pick these up by jumping through the hoop. Flies can be used to unlock new toads to play with, can you unlock all of them? Currently you can unlock these toads:
- Skippy
- Slippy
- Snippy
- Snappy
- Shibby
- Hippy
- Timmy
- Matey
- Peppy
- Hypny


Why bother playing a game if you can't show off your highscore to your friends and the rest of the world? Your highscore is automatically placed on the leaderbords so all your friends can see how good you can handle your toads. Beat your friends and dominate the leaderbords in this simple and fun game. Try it out now!